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Fabio Sandri
(Italy)[1964] b. Valdagno (Vicenza), l. Montecchio Maggiore (VI)

Stanza (Room) 2006, b/w reflex copy of a whole room

"stanze", b/w photograms capturing the floor of whole rooms; b/w body photogram, 2004-07

Ikufumi Sasaki
(Japan)[1973] Niigata

photograms in b/w & colour of different natural objects like flowers, jellyfishs etc. (also x-ray)

Shigeru Sato 写真学科 講師
(Japan)[1972] b. Nagano, l. Fukuoka

Sato`s ouevre contains a lot of bizarre photogram techniques like an installation of cyanotypes on glass (point and/or line, 2000/2)or carboprints made on glass (1999)

Ulf Saupe
(Germany)[1979] b. Halle/Saale, l. Berlin

large photograms made on phosphorescent screens which are contactprinted on ilfochrome after, 2002-04

Pierre Savatier
(France)[1954] b. Poitiers, l. Montreuil-sous-Bois.

photogram of scarf cloth, b/w and ilfochrome, 1994-2001

"Ecossais" (ilfochromes) and "Billes" (b/w), 2004/03

"Grandes goutes d'eau", 2002, b/w photograms of water drops on photopaper

Alan Scarritt
(USA)[1945] b. Oak Park/IL, l. NYC

untitled, b/w photograms of water surface with squirting hands, 20x24", 1981

Beate Schachinger
(Austria)[1957] b. Vienna, l. Vienna & Breitenfurt

Cyanotype: "Waldrebe", 1993

Christian Schad
(Germany)[1894 - 1982] b. Miesbach, d. Stuttgart

Schadographie Nr.4, 1919, Amourette

Schadographie 102, 1975

Schadographie, contact collage of journal cutouts on gelatin silver printing-out-paper, 1919.

Schadographie of a human hand, 1960's

Ditmar Schädel
(Germany)[1960] b. Stade, l. Kevelaer

different public installations with b/w body photograms, 1990's.

Gary Schneider
(South Africa)[1954] b. East London, l. New York

photogram and imprint of hand with heat and sweat effects, 1995/2001

b/w contact photogram of hands also made in commission, 1996-today

Volker Schreiner
(Germany)[1957] b. Isingerrode/Harz

"Bright Box", b/w film of moving hand shadows, 1990, 3min 15 sec

Nikolai Sedelnikov
(Russia)[1905] Moscow

untitled b/w-photogram from 1930, p.27

Torsten Seidel
(Germany)[1964] b. Sachsen, l. Berlin

"Röntgenportraits", enlarged x-ray "portraits" from a military archive

Arthur Siegel
(USA)[1913 - 1978] b. Detroit, d. Chicago

untitled, b/w photogram created by multiexposure of human head, ca. 1937

b/w photogram, 1946

abstract multiexposure b/w photogram, 1945/46

Cliché verre of newspaper exposed by a torch, b/w, 1973

Bernard Siegel

"Solargram", mulitexposure positive and negative photogram of metal parts in several layers, ca. 1948

Henry Holmes Smith
(USA)[1909 - 1986] b. Bloomington, ILL, d. San Rafael, CA

b/w cliché verres, made with syrup and liquids on a a glass plate, 1949-72

Frederick (Fritz Carlos) Sommer
(USA)[1905 - 1999] b. Angri/Italy, d. Prescott/Arizona

Smoke on Glass, b/w cliché verre, 11 x 14 inch paper, 1965

Paracelsus, b/w cliché verre, made by painted celophane, 1957

Serge Spitzer
(Romania)[1951] b. Bucharest, l. NY

Quiver, Rustle, Tremble, Stir, 2003 – 2006, shadow play with ping pong balls on the glass ceiling of the MMK Frankfurt

Hermann Stamm
(Germany)[1953] b. Kulmbach, l. Weimar

"Wirbelgang",b/w body photogram, 1996, DASA, Dortmund, 16 sqm

Anton Stankowski
(Germany)[1906 - 1998] b. Gelsenkirchen, d. Esslingen

"Erbsenschote", b/w photogram of peapod, 1928

"Stecknadeln",b/w photogram of fixing pins, 1929, 30 x 24 cm

Glasei, b/w photogram of glass egg, 1927, 26,8 x 20,1 cm

Elfriede Stegemeyer
(Germany)[1908 - 1988] Köln

b/w photograms from the thirtys

Ralph Steiner
(USA)[1899 - 1986] b. Cleveland, d. Vermont

abstract shadow photgraph "The Beater and the Pan", 1921

Otto Steinert
(Germany)[1915 - 1971] b. Saarbrücken, d. Essen

bw-photograms, 1948/50 (picture 61-70)

Max  Streicher
(Canada)[1958] b. Olds/AB, l. Toronto/ON

large b/w photograms of inflatable nylon sculptures of animals or humans resulting in an x-ray like effect,2004-2007

August Strindberg
(Sweden)[1849 - 1912] Stockholm

"Celestograph", 1894, photogram/luminogram of sky

two celestograms defined as "fotogramy",1894 and one chrystall cliché verre, about 1890

Kunie Sugiura
(Japan)[1942] b. Nagoya, l. NY

Untitled Positive,toned flower photogram, 1996

installation of Kitten Papers (1992) at Aichi Arts Center 8/1998

some "botanic studies", b/w photograms of flowers and leafs, 1989-90

HOPPINGS 1996, hand-toned 'positive photograms'of frogs

After Electric Dress A Positive, positive body photogram, 2002

silhouette b/w photograms of prominent people like Jasper Johns, Robert Wilson etc., 1999-2003

b/w positive body photogram from Takashi Murakami, 2004

Alan Archibald Campbell Swinton
(UK)[1863 - 1930] b. Edinburgh

first X -ray positive of the human hand in England, 16 January 1896

 Szûcs Tibor
(Hungary)[1963] Makó

abstract b/w photogram, 1994