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Yoshio Machida
(Japan)[1967] b. Tokyo, l. Yokohama

chemigrams which the artist calls "photobatik and luminograms. E.g "mailexposure" (2004) documents the way from Europe to Japan by mails made out of photo paper.

René Mächler
(Switzerland)[1936–2008] Zürich

concrete b/w photograms at exhibition "Am Nullpunkt der Photographie",1977-1997

"Vier senkrecht strahlend",1971, b/w luminogramm, 48 x 48 cm

videodocumentation in occasion of M.'s exhibition in Winterthur 2006

Martha Madigan
(USA)[1950–2022] b. Milwaukee/Wisconsin, d. Philadelphia/PA

larger plein air shadowgraphs made in the 70' and 80's with the cyanotype and Van-Dyck process.

b/w plant shadowgraphs from the 1980's are turned into textile designs by a fashion design company

Falls Bridge (Northeast Side), June 15, 1982, outdoor cyanotype, 133 × 292.1 cm

Giovanni Manfredini
(Italy)[1963] b. Pavullo nel Frignano(MO), l. Modena & Milano

b/w body imprints

Christian Marclay
(Canada)[1955] b. San Rafael/CA, l. NY

essay "Töne sehen/ Bilder hören" (1998) with b/w-photogram of transparent disc, 1990

cyanotypes of music tapes, 2008

artist book (2022) by Patti Smith featuring thirteen colour c-print shadowgraphs by Christian Marclay

Ervin Marton
(Hungary)[1912–1968] b. Budapest, d. Paris

b/w photogram of hand with lace, between 1930 and 1960

Dóra Maurer
(Hungary)[1937] Budapest

Fotópapíron át letapogatott tárgy. 1976, b/w luminogram of thermometer

Shifts, series I,II,II, b/w abstract "field photograms", 1974

Ingo Maurer
(Germany)[1932] b. Insel Reichenau, l. München

"Tableaux chinois", installation, light and shadow play with a mirror fish bassin.

Amanda Means
(USA)[1945] b. Marion, l. NY

flower photograms 1996-98 created by putting flowers into the enlarger

Adolf de Meyer
(Germany)[1868–1949] b. Dresden, Germany, d. Los Angeles

glass shadows, photogravure 1907 (Camera Work 40, Pl. 13)

"The Shadows on the Wall, Chrysanthemums", photograph of projected flower shadow, platinum print, ca. 1906

Nino (Antonio) Migliori
(Italy)[1926] Bologna

Ossidazione, 1948

Ossidazione, 1948, chemigram

Garry Fabian Miller
(UK)[1957] b. Bristol, l. London

Solar Eclipse Series, Light,ilfochrome photograms, 1999

Petworth House Series, ilfochrome photograms of a screen of wood obstructions exposed in the moonlight, 1999/2000

Cut Flower Blue, Lincolnshire, Spring 1985, ilfochrome photogram

David M. C. Miller
(Canada)[1960] b. Montreal

cliché verre on c-print paper, 1997-98

"Collecting Shadows", exhibition with multiexposures on c-print, 2000

Ryuji Miyamoto
(Japan)[1947] Tokyo

"Pinhole Naoshima" & "Sagacho Shokuryo Building. Tokyo, 29 October", mix of pinhole and body shadowgraph on ilfochrome, 2002, 226 x 318 cm

ilfochrome body shadowgraph made in a large card box camera obscura, 2002

shadowgraphs of dead birds and insects, exhibited parallel to his Kobe photographs at Amador Gallery 2010

Curtis Moffat
(USA)[1887] Edgartown, MA

Abstract Compositions (1925), b/w shadowgraph of dragonfly and cliché verre/papier of drawing

Mina Mohandes
(Iran)[1965] l. Vienna/A

color chemigram on c-print paper, 1999

Achim Mohné
(Germany)[1964] b. Bochum, l. Cologne

Lasergraphs,b/w & colour sheet film exposed to laser light

photogram position III featuring M.'s lasergraphs (2004)

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
(Hungary)[1895–1946] b. Bácsborsòd, d. Chicago

Site of the Moholy-Nagy-Foundation providing basic information about M-N and presenting some of his shadowgraphs in a timeline

two new year cards 1937 & 1938 with shadowgraphs made by MN and his wife Sibyl

The mirror, enlarged positive b/w photogram, 1928 (orig. 1922-23),ca. 67x92 cm

Hand and paintbrush, 1926

untitled positive shadowgraph, 23.7 x 17.8 cm, ca. 1922-1924

shadowgraphs from 1922-1943 including an early exemplar (14 x 9 cm) on printing out paper (collodion)

untitled b/w shadowgraph of cut out transparencies and textiles, 50.6 x 40.3 cm, 1939

"self portrait", reprint (1973) of b/w-shadowgraph of a head from 1925

"Photogram self-portrait", 37,3 x 25,3 cm, 1926

Daro Montag
(UK)[1959] b. Rickmansworth, l. Islington

"Bioglyphs", chemigrams caused by interaction of microorganisms with slide film, 1994-2000

(Universe)[] b. solar system, milkiway ca. 4,6 billion a.Chr.

Total Eclipse of the Sun as seen by Meteosat-7 on 26 February 1998 between 14:30 and 21:00 UTC

Barbara Morgan
(USA)[1900–1992] b. Buffalo/Kansas, d. NYC

b/w shadowgraphs and luminogram, 1969-72

Michaela Moscouw
(Austria)[1961] Vienna

"33", body shadowgraph and exposed objects wrapped in photopaper: "Sessel", "Badewanne", 1999

"Plattdrucke" from thes series Portraitstücke, 1998, b/w shadowgraphs from heads

Ugo Mulas
(Italy)[1928–1973] b. Pozzolengo, d. Milano

article about the "verifiche" with a clich�e verre of broken glass

essay about M.'s cycle "Verificazione" containing a clich�e of an empty 35 mm b/w film, 1971

"Omaggio a Niepce" in "Le verifiche", clich�e verre of film strips

Otto Müller-Eibenstock
(Germany)[1898–1986] b. Dorfstadt, d. Zwickau

A 10 F10 (Kreise), b/w shadowgraph, 1925, 14,1 x 9,2 cm

Andreas Müller-Pohle
(Germany)[1951] b. Braunschweig, l. Göttingen

Cyclograms, 1991-94, mix of chemigram and photogram of shredded photographs

Wolfgang Münch
(Germany)[1963] Karlsruhe

"bubbles", interactive installation working the shadows of the visitor, ZKM 2000